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Crossword Unlimited

Play an unlimited number of tailor-made crossword puzzles! This app contains a database of many thousands of straight and general knowledge clues and answers, so that it can generate unique crosswords based on your own interests, ability and device.

Play an unlimited number of crosswords!

This app contains a database of many thousands of: (a) normal clues (b) questions for general knowledge. It generates crosswords based on: your interests, your ability level and your device. Tailor made crosswords mean more fun for players, and produces more relevant games. Later you can progress to more challenging games, but always playing crosswords that are relevant to your interests.

You can configure for the generated crossword puzzle:

1) اندازه شبکه
مشخص کنید دقیقا چه ستون ها و ردیف های بسیاری به استفاده از (از 3 تا 20). حتی غیر از شبکه های مربع (به عنوان مثال 10x13) امکان پذیر است.
2) Grid Type
In addition to British style crosswords, the game can also generate grids to be Arrow Crosswords (Arrowords), where the clues are integrated into the grid, or as Compact style grids, an unusual but very useful condensed grid format, especially for small screens
3) Clue Difficulty
Difficulty of the clues (straight and general knowledge) can be configured from easy to very difficult!
4) Type of Crossword
Choose to play with normal clues only; or with a mix of normal and general knowledge clues. Crosswords with only general knowledge clues are also possible.
5) Clue Genre
Tailor the crossword to your interests! Choose to have clues from particularly genres, e.g. Music, Entertainment, History, Politics, Nature etc.
6) Country Bias
The app adapts the general knowledge questions, according to where you live

You can configure for the display:

1) Zoom in & out
You can zoom in & out of the grid, and move around, making it possible to play larger grids even on smaller screens
2) طرح صفحه نمایش
فضا چقدر صفحه نمایش را برای شبکه و چه مقدار برای لیست کلمه، با استفاده از منحصر به فرد نوار متحرک تقسیم ما را انتخاب کنید.
3) جهت
می توان در حالت افقی و یا پرتره ایفا کرده است. فقط دستگاه شما و چرخش صفحه نمایش به صورت خودکار تنظیم.
4) Clue and Keyboard font size
Configure the size of the words bigger or smaller, depending on your device and your eyesight!

Useful game aids mean you can always finish the crossword:

1) Play Concurrently
Ability to save and reload games, so several games can be played at the same time
2) Built-in crossword matcher
The game can show you potential answers for an uncompleted word in the grid. The game uses the length of the word and the letters that you have already entered and displays the matching words, by using a built-in dictionary of 65,000 words. This aid even works for the general knowledge clues! Also includes the ability to look up word definitions or details on a fact or person.
3) Validate
Confirm if a given answer is correct
4) Reveal Word or Letter
If you can make no further progress, choose to reveal a letter or the whole word to a clue of your choosing
5) Anagrams
At very easy level, an anagram of the answer is shown as part of the clue, to provide further help. With this aid it should be possible to complete most crossword puzzles.
6) Show Wrong
When the grid is completed, the app will show all wrong answers, to allow you to correct and complete the game

سطح دشواری از 0 (آسان) تا 9 (خیلی سخت) هر بازی اختصاص داده شده است.مشکل این است که با تنظیمات تعیین می شود. هر سطح دشواری حفظ نمرات بالا (اندازه گیری شده توسط سریعترین زمان برای تکمیل بازی). بازی نمایش 20 بهترین نمرات برای هر سطح دشواری.

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